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ISTD Modern Theatre: 6 years plus specialist class

The ISTD Modern Syllabus is a fun, technical, musical and energetic style, involving leaps, turns, stretches, combinations and more. Children can be entered for examinations and work their way to the highest levels. The modern syllabus works well along side the classical ballet syllabus. Children can develop a strong technique aswell as achieving a strong performance style.


First Steps Ballet: 2 - 4 years recreational

A light hearted and fun introduction to dance. Our classes use props and imagery as a way of introducing basic ballet technique. First steps classes are aimed to improve and develop posture, co-ordination, imagination and musicality. Our class numbers are smaller than most dance schools to allow us, as teachers, to focus on each child's individual needs.

Pre Primary - Grade 8 Ballet (RAD) Graded Classes

recreational / specialist class
We follow the Royal Academy of Dance ballet syllabus which is taught in over 82 countries world wide. Children from five years can take exams and progress at a steady pace through the grades as they mature. Classes are focused on posture, strength,musicality and group activities aswell as working to a standard which is acceptable for passing an RAD exam. Our classes are fun and energetic with a balance of class discipline.
Intermediate Foundation - Intermediate - Advanced Foundation - Advanced one (Vocational Classes) specialist class
These specialised classes follow the RAD syllabus. Aimed at the more serious dancer and those seeking a career in dance these classes require full comittment, strength and co-ordination. The vocational syallbus looks deeper into the artistry that every successful dancer needs. Technique is developed to an even higher standard and steps become more demanding. Pointe work is introduced at a manageable and controlled level.
Introduction to Pointe Work / Pointe Work further training
This class is split in to, two different skill levels and focused on pointe work. Children who attend this class must be at least Grade 4 standard and above to ensure that they have the technique and control / strength to manage safely. We aim to develop a sound technique and develop a childs confidence on pointe. We will inform every pupil when we feel they are ready to progress onto pointe for the first time. This will be different for each child, depending on personal physique etc. This class compliments the vocational grades and pupils are advised to continue with pointe class when studying the vocational syllabus.

Lyrical Jazz: 5 years plus recreational
We have 3 levels of lyrical jazz. Lyrical 1 will progress into lyrical 2, and so on, as a child develops both technically and emotionally. Lyrical jazz focuses on a strong ballet / jazz technique which is needed to dance the routines to a high standard. Lyrical jazz is a class that teaches emotion and passion in dance, usually portraying a story through dance. It is physically quite demanding.  However, our classes will develop children's flexiblity, co-ordintion and dance style as they progress.

Tap Dance: 5 years plus recreational
Split into junior and senior levels we cater for pupils from 5 years. Each class level is a development into the next. Children will learn basic tap techique which will become more demanding as they move from juniors to seniors, as well as learning fun routines and working in groups. Tap classes are brilliant in helping children to understand rhythm and beats. We base our classes on the ISTD syallbus. The syllabus is current and enjoyable, yet teaches a firm tap technique from a young age.

Street Dance: 3 years plus recreational
Split into infant, junior and senior level, we offer street dance classes from 3 years old. Our classes include warm-up, choreography and the teaching of Street Dance / Hip Hop  steps. Street Dance is funky, fresh and certainly a very popular form of dance world-wide. There are plenty of performance opportuniites for our Street dancers such as fetes and shows. We aim to give children confidence and enjoyment through our classes.

Body Condtioning/ technique further training
Our body condtioning and technique classes are aimed at our senior pupils (grade 4 and above). We focus on short excercises that target one or multiple muscle groups, and develop them weekly to improve strength and stamina needed for dance. Body condtioning will teach the young dancer exactly how to engage and use their muscles properly when in a dance class, in order to achieve the highest possible results for their individual bodies. This class is by no means similar to any adult fitness class such as legs bums and tums or body combat. Excercises are designed specifically for children and their develpoing physiques. Talking in depth about the anatomy and technical side of dance.
Contemporary: 11yrs - adult Specialist class/further training
Contemporary class is a class which will enable a dancer to explore the area of revolutionary unconventional movements, that are gathered from all dance styles of world. Contemporary classes therefore do not use fixed moves, and instead try to develop totally new forms and dynamics, such as quick oppositional moves, shifting alignments, systematic breathing and moves performed on different levels. This class reaches to find the limits of human form and physique! and will teach dancers a knowledge of inspirational dance masters such as Martha Graham and Isadora Duncan.
Shake 'n' Shimmy (Adult) 16 years plus dance fitness
A fun fitness class, based on various dance styles. Come along, have fun, meet new people and get in shape at the same time! Pay as you go class.
Zumba Fitness (Adult) 16 years plus dance fitness
A fitness class with a Latin inspired influence. All skill levels / abilities welcome.
Acrobatic Arts 3yrs - Adult - Specialist class
The Acrobatic Arts syllabus is designed to motivate dancers. This program is designed to compliment a students dance program. Turns, Kicks & Jumps are important elements in acrobatic routines, as are, timing, musicality, emotional expression and artistry. It is necessary to ensure that these skills are adequately covered before considering this class. With ballet training being the success of this program, we recommend that children attend at least one Ballet class per week alongside their Acro class. 
Classes are structured purely on ability, age is no key factor.

Recreational - Classes suitable for complete beginners or children who are not looking to take examinations, and want to dance purely for fun.

Specialist - Examinations offered in these classes, or requires a sound tecchnique.

Further Training- These classes are a development and progression of pupils weekly training. Sound technique, knowledge and skills in this field required.

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