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RAD Ballet

Beginning with our ‘First Steps’ carefully structured, introduction to dance class. The use of imagery, props and storytelling will capture our younger dancer's imagination and bring out their natural creativity and musicality at a young age.


Pre-Primary RAD Ballet to Grade 8 RAD Ballet are available on our timetable, allowing our dancers to progress at a steady pace through the RAD training. The RAD offers a new, inspiring, upbeat and enjoyable syllabus which all our dancers love and are able to engage in fully, bringing out the best in each individual.


Vocational training from Intermediate Foundation RAD Ballet – Advanced 2 RAD Ballet is offered to dancers who would like further classical training, and to those who show potential in their graded classes. Pointe work is introduced at this level, beginning with basic exercises at the barre and in the centre to develop strength, control, stability, use of feet, weight placement, coordination and posture.


Pointe work class is available as an additional class which will complement our dancers who study pointe work as part of a vocational syllabus. We will advise all dancers if we feel they are ready to join the pointe work class.

All our classes are taught by experienced RAD Registered Teachers.



Acrobatic Arts

Our Acrobatics Arts classes offer a fusion of dance and acrobatics. Every young dancers dream! Choreography is taught in a variety of styles such as Jazz, Lyrical and Contemporary, and combined with acrobatic skills that can eventually be performed comfortably and confidently on a stage as opposed to a sprung floor in a gym setting. New skills are broken down clearly so each dancer has a full understanding of what they are going to eventually achieve. We offer 3 classes throughout the week from age 4yrs, which allows our dancers to progress at an individual pace and work at a manageable level. We advise that our dancers attend a Ballet or Jazz class to support this class.

Our classes are taught by enthusiastic Acrobatic Arts Certified Teachers.



Street Beatz and Street Fusion/ Street Crews

Starting with learning the basics of street/commercial dance our classes are structured and tailored appropriately to each age group. Upbeat, lively and fun, all classes include a warmup, choreography which is often seen in music videos/TikTok and YouTube, completed with a cool down. Dancers can progress through each level as they develop further skills and dance moves.

Our older dancers will fuse styles such as locking, voguing and tutting to construct impressive routines and sequences. The enthusiasm and support shown by others in our Street classes to each individual dancer is so inspiring to watch. Our freestyle circles really do burst with energy and give every dancer a time to shine while boosting confidence and self-esteem.

Once keen dancers show potential and commitment they will have the opportunity to audition for one of our 4 Street Crews should they wish to expand and widen their performance opportunities.



Lyrical Foundation and Progression

Lyrical dance has become more popular over the years and is a very artistic and emotional style of dance. It is beautiful and elegant to watch. Lyrical dance focuses on using a songs lyrics to portray emotion, and usually a story through dance. Classes are structured so that emotional connection, discussion, song choice and movements are all age appropriate.

Movements are similar to ballet. They are free, fluid and graceful. Technical exercises begin in our foundation class and develop into our progression class. A good technique is essential to progress in Lyrical. Movements need to be demonstrated safely in order to avoid injury. We recommend that Jazz or Ballet is taken along side this class in order to develop a sound technique for Lyrical.



Dazzling Stars Jazz

A thriving class that covers all styles of Jazz. From technical Modern Theatre to upbeat Rock n Roll we are always venturing into new and fun styles. Dancers radiate energy in this class and enjoy showcasing their new skills, improved technique and buzzing performances. Focusing on popular moves such as kicks, leaps and turns, this class will develop a dancer's musicality, dynamics and overall confidence.

This is most definitely a class where each dancer will dazzle and shine like the stars they are!



Rhythmix Tap

Not your average Tap class!

Rhythmix Tap is modern, fun, lively and adventurous! Encouraging dancers to step out of their comfort zone and listen to the beat in their feet!

Based on the ISTD Tap Syllabus we have adapted our classes to suit each dancer's needs. Exercises will be adapted to cater for all our dancers and keep their confidence building. Working on timing, rhythm, dynamics and tap technique consistently with the use of props and imagery.

The focus is always on having fun while learning a new skills in a happy, nurturing environment.




Contemporary dance embodies Ballet, Jazz, Modern and Lyrical. It uses the fundamentals and technique from these styles and creates movements that do not adhere to the strict rules. Discover a variety of ways to move and learn about the wide and adapted styles of Contemporary. Get creative with our improvisation tasks. Classes consist of a warmup, choreography and cool down. They are ideal for a keen dancer who is looking to broaden their knowledge and study a unique and challenging style. This class is for dancers age 10yrs plus that must already be studying Ballet, Jazz or Lyrical. Step out of your comfort zone and enjoy this popular, mature style of dance.



Body Conditioning/Limbering/ Technique

We are delighted to offer our ‘BCLT’ class to dancers from Grade 3 and above. Our in-depth focus on technique leaves every dancer feeling like they can achieve anything. This class demonstrates safe practice of exercises that dancers can do at home as well as in the studio, in order to improve strength, control and flexibility at a steady pace. Understanding hip alignment, turnout, specific muscle groups and posture is so important for every young dancer to develop and succeed. This class supports and enhances all technique that our dancers learn throughout their weekly lessons and are a great part of dancers well-being.

We recommend that dancers who attend this class bring a yoga mat and Theraband.



Non Syllabus Ballet Foundation and Progression

Open to all dancers Grade 1 and above. Our Non Syllabus classes are an excellent addition to a dancer's weekly Ballet class.

Non Syllabus classes are a fantastic way to develop responsiveness to ballet exercises and steps, as well as to improve vocabulary. They complement syllabus classes and create a well-rounded, quick-thinking dancer. Steps are broken down and covered in great detail which allows each individual dancer to process and practice at their own speed. These classes work well along side associate programmes which many of our dancers are fortunate enough to attend.



Private lessons

Private tuition is available to our dancers and is a perfect opportunity to work 1-1 with our teachers. Dancers can focus on individual aspects that they want to improve and strengthen. Focus is purely on the individual dancer and allows them to receive in- depth feedback from their teacher. Private lessons are a great way for a dancer to gain confidence and focus on detailed aspects of dance that they want to improve.

We love working 1-1 with our dancers and seeing them grow.



TDF Companies

We are thrilled to watch our dancers thrive as part of our TDF Companies. Dancers are selected and invited to join us when showing passion, progress and dedication to their weekly lessons. Its such a delight to see the encouragement and enthusiasm that our companies bring each week. Each company is like its own family with dancers sharing a passion and love of dance.

We train weekly with a focus on dance technique. We feel that technique is such an important factor of dance that can lead to all sorts of problems when ignored, neglected and left untrained. Dancers learn exercises and combinations to assist and improve coordination, responsiveness and core strength. We study a variety of dance styles in our company classes which keeps dancers on their toes and never knowing what to expect! We offer performance opportunities to all company members.


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