Our venue itself is an opportunity for our dancers to experience a fully equipped dance studio with mirrors and barres. Our studio has heating and air conditioning, and offers the perfect place to dance all year round.



Our wide range of classes gives dancers the opportunity to experience many differnt styles of dance before finding where their real passion lies. Free trial classes are offered to all new dancers giving them the opportunity to try new things in a safe and welcoming environment.



Our teachers welcoming appraoch makes it easy for any dancer to step through the doors of TDF. TDF teachers give dancers the opportunity to ask questions, share news, speak out and share knowledge with their dance friends. Each dancer is given the opportunity to shine. Our teachers offer high quality tuition, expertise in their respective fields and a warm welcome to all dancers and families.



Our annual shows allow our dancers to experience performing on stage to a live audience. Our shows are every young dancers dream. Stage makeup, costumes, choreography and adrenaline. We love show time and are forever grateful to be able to offer our dancers these amazing opportunities. Our shows give our dancer's families and friends the opportunity to see their progress. 



TDF adore competing at local dance festivals. We believe each individual dancer should have the opportunity to experience a dance festival. We welcome all TDF dancers to join our festival team, and we choreograph solos, duets, trios and group dances in various styles to suit each dancer. North Devon, Exeter and Bristol are a few of the dance festivals we enjoy visiting throughout the year. 



Dancers are given the opportunity to take examinatons and class awards throughout the year. Opportunities like these give our dancers a focus and sense of achievement. Dancers are rewarded with a signed certificate and medal to display once examinations are achieved. Dancers can progress forward to the next level and enjoy a new challenge. An opportunity to set new goals and thrive once again. 


Associate Programmes

We are always looking to guide our dancers in the right direction. If a child shows strength, passion and talent in a particular style of dance we give them the opportunity to audition for renowned associate programmes. If successful in these auditions our pupils are given the opportunity to train as part of an associate scheme along side their regular dance training. We currently have dancers who train with The Royal Ballet School, Elmhurst Ballet, Ballet Boost Associates, Bristol Dance Associates and The Centre for Advanced Training (CAT). 











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