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TDF Power2move classes offer local people with disabilitites and needs a chance to be part of a fun, encouraging and inspiring dance class. We provide a tailored and structured dance class which runs as a regular class would. We offer people the opportunity to experience a dance class in a safe, welcoming and enthusiastic environment. Our dancers will explore a variety of dance styles and musical genres, a range of movement, motions and dynamics, experience working as an individual and in a group, build strong relationships and develop coordination, confidence, muscle control, responsiveness and stamina. Self- esteem will boost as dancers become familiar with our classes.


Time and day

Power2move classes run every Wednesday 10:30-11:30 at The Dance Factory. Classes are led by both Stephanie and Laura. 


Benefits of dance

Dancing is a fantastic way to eliminate stress and plays a huge part in both mental and physical health. Dancing is a non-verbal way of expressing and being creative. Dancing brings joy and happiness to us through movement and music. Dancing allows us to release and forget our troubles. 

A love of dance from an early age can help motivate us later in life. The sensory aspects of dance activities can help us relate to our daily experiences. Dancing opens up new pathways for us and helps build trust and friendships with others. The benefits really are endless.



As with all our classes we advise that comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement is worn. Footwear for this class is optional and can be adapted to suit individual dancers needs.


Become a Power2move dancer

If you would like to join us then we would love to hear from you. Be part of our Power2Move community. Message today.


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