Dancing improves physical health and is a great form of exercise. Dancing can motivate children to stay active as they grow older.


Dancing enhances emotional development and encourages social skills to develop in children. Dance gives children the freedom to channel their emotions and energy in a safe environment. Self-esteem and confdence will boost significantly.


Dancing allows children to build life long friendships with other children who share the same interests, drive and passion. Many of our older dancers have been dancing together for several years, and it is beautiful to see these dance friendships blossom over the years.


Dancing enhances cognitive development. Attending dance lessons allows children to learn self-discipline and time management. Dedication, discipline and foucs are all important life skills that children can use later on in life.


Dancing encourages creativity. No matter the style, dance encourages children to be more creative and to express themselves in many ways. Early childhood is the best period for the development of creativity. We offer a huge variety of classes for our younger dancers.


'Since joining TDF 3 years ago my daughter has become more confident and is able to express her emotions through dance. She loves learning new skills and thrives in her classes with Stephanie and Laura'

Parent testimonial


'When i first joined TDF i was nervous and worried that i wouldn't be able to do it. Stephanie and Laura were so welcoming and the other dancers made me feel at ease. I still feel amazing when i get that smile of approval from my teachers!. I now take 5 classes a week and love my TDF family'

TDF Dancer testimonial


'Dancing is my passion and that is thanks to Stephanie and Laura. TDF classes push me to be the best dancer i can be. I feel supported and guided in my dance journey and would recommend TDF to anyone looking for a nurturing dance school'

TDF Dancer testimonial


'After joining TDF from another dance school i was thrilled with the progress my child made in such a short period of time. TDF's focus on technical training was something my child was missing from her previous lessons. She is now developing a good dance technique and is confident enough to take her ballet examination. Thank you TDF'

Parent testimonial





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